носитель английского по скайпуНоситель английского языка Свилен

Svilen is a native English speaker having lived for most of his life in the United States and the United Kingdom. He has a teaching degree from the University of West London and has been teaching professionally for over 10 years. His students are always happy with his personalized approach, positive attitude and usually show immediate improvement in their language skills. Having played in numerous rock bands across the world Svilen has seen first-hand what the English-speaking world has to offer and he’s always happy to share his experiences. He can be especially helpful to those who are new to American/British culture and way of life, and are looking to understand it better.

онлайн уроки английского языка

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  1. Ольга:

    Good day, I would like to teach English with native speaker. My level is pre-intermediate, I work in the forign company.

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