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Information about me:
I’m known to be friendly as a person and creative one. When teaching, I use different methods depending on the situation that has settled or take into account the student’s skills and knowledge. Basically, I’m into grammar mixed with communicative and audio-video approach of teaching (that is to say general, I believe). Well, during the lesson I may use the information from the outer source, so not to stuck upon the material given in the book that is being studied; also I include the variation of different situations that may take place in the real life; except this, I consider the psychology to be the most important thing in conducting a lesson. That can highly influence the efficacy of the material received. Also, I can teach using only the target language to improve both listening and speaking skills. Hence, I believe, my knowledge and experience would be enough to provide good and appropriate English for students that are in need of it or at least want somehow to enhance their skills in communication, required for travelling or business.

As for my experience, basically, it consists of: a) private tutoring with the children of different age and tomorrow’s students; b) teaching practice during the studying at the Chernivtsi National University. There I had a chance to pass through the school system of teaching (small groups from 10 to 12 pupils) and to take some details that have been added to my own experience as a teacher.

Besides, I’m kind and patient. And I’m looking forward to teaching  and to being taught as well.
I’ll be happy to see you among my students

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  1. Ievgenii:

    Hi! My name is Ievgenii. Could you explain, please, difference between: «The good life, A good life!» What does it mean? Thank you!

  2. Ксения:

    Hello, the definite article is used when its noun is a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener. It may be something that the speaker has already mentioned, or it may be something uniquely specified. The definite article in English, for both singular and plural nouns, is the.

    Welcome to the good life!

    An indefinite article means that its noun is not a particular one (or ones) identifiable to the listener. It may be something that the speaker is mentioning for the first time, or its precise identity may be irrelevant or hypothetical, or the speaker may be making a general statement about any such thing. English uses a/an, from the Old English forms of the number ‘one’, as its primary indefinite article.

    He had a good life.

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