english teacher by skypeHello!  My name is Scott and I’m a 28 year old guy fromAmerica.  I’ve been teaching English in classrooms, IT companies and on Skype for the last three years.  The bulk of my time teaching has been spent inRussia, so I have amassed a great practical knowledge of how to teach English to Russian speakers.  If you’re looking how to sound more natural, incorporate phrasal verbs, idioms, and learn how Americans actually talk in day-to-day life, then I’m happy to oblige!  If you’re in the business sphere of things, don’t worry – I’ve developed two 8-week courses for I.T. companies that I still teach to this day.

During this time inRussia, I was able to help hundreds of students increase their vocabulary and improve their English speaking skills through various speaking and activity based lessons that are interactive and fun.  Learning how to use a language doesn’t have to be boring or hard; including activities and humor are a staple of my style that students have really come to enjoy.

I care very much about my students and their progress and am always willing to do what I can to help my students achieve their goals.

I know that you are ready and serious to improve your English speaking.  As I am a Native Speaker of English, you’re in the best position to receive the most authentic English experience to improve your skills.

I greatly look forward to meeting you!

Skype:  repetitor_by_skype (Сережа, консультант сайта)

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