Тема: В городе. Английский на каждый день

Definition: a shorter, quicker, or easier rout to get somewhere
Example: The driver to the beach was not very long because the driver knew several shortcuts

Definition: a business (such as a restorant or bank) designed to serve customers in their cars through a window; also sometime spelled «drive-thru» Example: On my way home from work, I ordered fries and a shake at a drive-through because I was to tired to get out of the car.

Traffic light
Definition: a set of red, yellow, and greeen lights that is used to control traffic at an intersection; a stoplight
Take a right on the traffic light and go two blocks. My house is on the left

Definition: a covered hole in the street where workers can enter to reach underground pipes and wires
The worker climbed down the manhole to check the underground pipes

Traffic jam
Definition: A situation in wich the vehicles on the road have stopped moving (or are moving very slowly) often because there are to many vehicles on the road
He arrived on the time because he avoided the traffic jam by taking a shortcut.

Definition: a person who is walking in a city, along the road, etc.
This city is great for pedestrians. There are lot of sidewalks and crosswalks

Definition: a very tall building
Example: She works on the top floor ofa skyscraper. She has a fantastic view of the city from her office