Разговорный американский английский. Примеры диалогов. Тема: Покупки

Alicia: Hi, Beth. Come on in.
Beth: Hi. Alicia! How are you doing?
Alicia: Pretty Good!
Beth: Alicia, this is my friend Ali. He’s from Silver Spring, Maryland.
Alicia: Hi, Ali. It’s nice to meet you
Beth: Nice to meet you too
Alicia: Well, please come in and have a seat.
Beth, Ali: Thanks
Alicia: Can I get you something? Coffee? Soda?
Beth: Oh, no, thanks.
Ali: No. thank you, I’m fine
Beth: So, Alicia, we are going to go shopping. Do you want to come?
Alicia: Gee, I don’t know… I shop mostly online these days.
Ali: Reall? Why is that?
Alicia: Because it saves time and gas!
Ali: Oh, Right!

Beth: What do you mean?
Ali: Well, you don’t have to drive your car…
Alicia: Right. And you don’t have to look for parking. The mall is so crowded these days.
Beth: Yeah, but online you can’t see things very well. And you can’t touch them. And, with closes, you can’t try them on! I like to browse when I go shopping.
Ali: Me too!.. and it’s such a nice day!.. Why do you want to sit in front of a computer screen?
Alicia: Yeah, I see what you mean… But I don’t have much money!
Beth: No problem! You can come with us and save money!
Alicia: How?
Beth: We aren’t going to take any money or credit cards with us. And we aren’t going to spend any money. We are just going to look around.
Ali: That’s right! We are going window shopping.
Alicia: Great idea! Then I’m going!

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