Do you want to learn to play the violin? You don’t know where to find a worthy tutor? Then our article will help you understand everything and choose a skilled teacher.

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If you are in your early 30-ies, you have been dreaming to play the violin all your life, and you think it’s already late to change something — we will give you a straight-out answer, «Not late! It’s never late to study – in 30-ies, 40-ies, 50-ies or even 60-ies». If you learn to hold a violin and a bow worthily, people will look at you with enthusiasm and inspiration at any age.

Every time when your movements of a bow will produce harmonious sounds, you will become younger, more vigorous, as music releases a person from age chains and makes him immortal, allows soaring high in one’s imagination.

The violin teacher Troy MI, Madison Heights MI Elena is an experienced teacher, a member of the USA symphony orchestra, offers everyone willing to take the violin lessons without any age restrictions (the age range – from 3 to 50+). Everyone can be learning to play this instrument with a teacher irrespective of his profession, and whether he played any instrument earlier or not. The violin teacher Royal Oak MI  will help you break a barrier and learn not only the basics but also the highest category of playing the instrument. She will assist you in developing a bow hold. Together you will learn world masterpieces and, perhaps, soon you will become the real pro in this area – you will write the music which will be world-famous. Moreover, you will learn more than just to play the violin, you will learn to feel and pass the mood, you will discover your spiritual potential.

The tutor Elena has been teaching since 1999. Both children of preschool age and those who are a bit over 30 are among her students. At the moment her most senior student is 64. Moreover, after long persistent practice, we have achieved a desirable result and we continue reaching new tops. Therefore, we can tell you with confidence: it is never late to learn to play music; you just need desire, belief, and patience.

Violin lessons Troy are conducted with consideration of the temperament and abilities of a pupil. In other words, the tutor always finds an individual approach. It is such approach that makes the classes successful – both effective and productive. That is why, we don’t say goodbye, we say, «See you soon» and looking forward to see you at our classes.