english tutor native speakerI’m a proffessional online English teacher. I have a  university degree and an international certificate of advance business English. If you wonder the age of students, I ‘d say I prefer teenagers and adult ones. Once, I had two «young» ladies of 54 and 65 y.a. I guess, they’ve been the most advanced students in my experience up to now. Yet, most of them, of course, are much younger. Number of our students need practice and preparation to different exams, such as FCE, CAE, IELTS,TOEFL. Naturally, I don really use Russian or Ukrainian textbooks, coz they have plenty of grammar and vocab mistakes, also, their are just mostly plagiarised from original British and American resources. So, if it’s an accademic course I use Real Life, English File, Total English, Activate etc. I often combine, searching for best to a student’s specific need. Judy Styles, my language teacher in University said: » Good teacher’s technique shouldn’t be predictable every lesson to motivate his learners. Remember, you don’t teach a book or plan. You are instructors of learners driving. You don’t drive for them, as well as you don’t eat for them. You just show them, help them, correct them and support them in THEIR effort to drive, eat etc.» I love using short videos and songs in my teaching grammar and vocab.

Skype ID: skype_repetitor (manager Ksenia)

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3 комментария на «“George. Proffessional online English teacher”»

  1. Elshan:

    Need to try study with you. Thanks

  2. Kateryna:

    Добрый день!

    Хотела взять пробный урок с native speaker.
    Какая стоимость 60 мин занятия, и можно ли брать 90 мин?

    С ув. Екатерина.

  3. multiglot:

    Катерина, спасибо за ваш вопрос.
    Стоимость занятий с native speaker — от $19 \ 60 мин
    Актуальную стоимость вы всегда можете видеть на страничке нашего сайта http://repetitoronline.com/payment-online-lessons-english
    Будем рады видеть вас в числе наших учеников

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