английский по скайпу с носителем

My name is Paul I am a retired British army Colonel of the airborne division, as well as serving in special forces. From 1994 I was troop commander in command of teaching new officers at Sandhurst military academy. I have a masters degree with honours in History and a Bachelors degree in politics. I have served in many war zones around the world, most recently in Afganistan having completed my fifth operational tour with the British airborne division as the commanding officer. I have qualifications in teaching various subjects related to the military as well as having vast teaching experience with people  of all ages. I have many military decorations though I do not consider myself a hero, though Her Majesty queen Elizibeth 2nd called me a hero when she awarded me my most recent decoration.

I became involved in teaching English here in Mariupol, Ukraine, living with my wife who is also an English teacher. I am the manager of an English language school, most of my work is preparing students for IELTS. I consider it my duty to ensure all students get my best and that each and every lesson is tailored to the students needs.

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  1. hello:

    Hello Paul. I would like to know about your lesson and i need to prepare myself for Toefl exam.So Can you help me with that? I am from Dnepropetrovsk then we can meet and discuss everything. Ok?

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