носитель французскогоHello everyone

I am pleased to inform you that I am French native speaker,  tutor in Kiev since 2009, in my lessons I select topics that are appropriate to the student’s level to help effectively improved the communication as soon as possible, during my classes I use the French language to explain the different expressions and words wich is not clear to the student, with examples and I focus on pronunciation.
I use the communicative method  during class the books  internationally recognized, as the publishing house CLE International and Editions Didier manuals.
I am Corrector- Examinator-DELF-DALF  of IFU (French Institute of Ukraine), I prepare the candidates to pass the international exams as TEF, TEFaQ, DELF.
I support candidates who want to prepare for immigration interviews for Quebec.
I also use short videos to different levels of language, for facilitate and animate interesting discution for the student.
And for student does not get bored, I can sometimes use games that can help the learner to progress , because  routine or conventional learning course don’t help so much in some cases.
So if you are interested to learn the language with me, contact me and I’d love to communicate with you through this language.

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