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My name is Raphael and I come from New York city.
I have been making a living through teaching for some 13 years now.
I have 3 university degrees, as well as a TESOL certificate, which has prepared me to teach my language specifically to speakers of other languages.
However, I would like to say that despite my many years studying and later teaching in academic circles, in my classes I place priority on the non-academic, real, authentic, practical English language. This doesn’t necessarily mean «conversational English only». Instead, I try to instill in my students the confidence of really owning the language, the way I do. English language is not a translation of the Russian language. We express ourselves differently, we have words that can not be translated in Russian (of course the opposite is also true!), the face of the English language looks differently, like that of any other language; each language is a different species!

During my lessons it is my priority that besides grammar, spelling and other fundamentals, I teach you how to understand and how to express yourself the way we, in America, do. You could call my classes lessons in American culture, as much as you can call them conversations with a friend, a crash course in Authentic American English and of course, if you so prefer, English lessons on grammar, punctuation, spelling and academic essay writing.

Similar to other flexible and effective teachers, I tailor my lessons exclusively to the needs of the student: I have had students who prefer to go strictly by the book, others who only insist on practicing conversations on different topics, Business English folk, students who have excellent vocabulary and grammar, but cannot relax and have a casual conversation, children as young as 4, pupils preparing for university exams, people pursuing a relationship abroad…in the past 13 years I have taught any living student type you can imagine, and if you think you are different than everybody else — I INSIST on a lesson with you! On the other hand, if you are afraid that you’re nothing special or are maybe shy or think you are not good with languages — you’re my FAVORITE type of student, because soon you will have a very different opinion of yourself!

Skype: repetitor_by_skype

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