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Long ago, an outstanding scientist-linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt stated the following opinion: “Each language describes a circle round the people to which it belongs; a circle that can be left only by entering into another circle, formed by other language. Studying of someone else’s language must have therefore been an acquisition of a new world outlook”. Therefore, we may rightly say that Language is an external display of the spirit of the people.

I personally realised the veracity of this fact while learning Russian myself. However, I was born and brought up in Sydney, Australia, and have been speaking English all my life; I did not even have the slightest notion regarding the non-English-speaking world then. After closely examining the Russian mentality over some seven years, I was felicitously able to understand the very reason why things start seeming tougher after a certain amount of time spent in learning a new language. All it needs is to practise thinking in that particular language itself. Many would agree to the fact that communication is possible, only when there is a contact based on mutual understanding between people.


I will be more than glad to help you learn English through learning the English mentality itself – by getting to the actual root of the issue! Enjoy learning!




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