You’re welcome to our online language school “Multiglot”

You’re welcome to our online language school “Multiglot”
If you suffer from a lack of time but nevertheless aspire to new knowledge
If you want to learn foreign languages but you’re not ready to spend large sums of money on lessons
If you do not want to depend on a teacher’s timetable and you want to study a language at a time that suits you

We’re glad to introduce to you “Multiglot”

We’ve taken all difficulties into account, which can arise during studying and have found solutions to them. Now nothing can take your attention away from your purpose.
Study English without leaving your home or office
Learn Italian online according to an individual programme
Choose your tutor yourself and study Spanish by skype
Save your time, money and learn Swedish online
Learning languages by skype is a new opportunity for you to study without wasting your time

The first lesson is free!

We’ll be happy to see you among our students!



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